Swiss Made


Switzerland enjoys a high reputation abroad. It is considered an attractive country with a high quality of life, intact nature and beautiful landscapes. Swiss chocolate, Swiss cheese and the Swiss watch tradition also make up our country from a commercial point of view.
The term SWISS MADE (sometimes just Swiss) is a seal of origin for products from Switzerland. The label is also intended to serve consumers as a seal of quality and trust and to distinguish every genuine Swiss watch.


Swiss quality products at reasonable prices.
Only a licensed SWISS MADE producer may label himself as such and also label his products as SWISS MADE.
60% of the manufacturing costs must be incurred in Switzerland. This means that components manufactured abroad (e.g. hands, cases) may be used, provided they do not make up more than half of the components. In addition to final assembly and Swiss quality control, the unique heart or soul of each wristwatch generates the undisputed distinguishing feature from alternative products.
We are proud to be able to use the expertise of Swiss watchmakers in the development of our products. This enables us to present our ZIZZOwatches with the highest authenticity and to offer quality products at fair prices.