Our Story


Dominique and Luca Reho founded ZIZZOWatches in 2011 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Our Swiss values have shaped our brand to stand for high-quality manufacturing, timeless designs, and a reasonable price-point.

True to the motto “Travel the world and begin with Switzerland.” we wanted to bring the experience of Swiss craftsmanship to you wherever you may be in the world.

We created a watch that boasts a slim and simple design with quality that lasts a lifetime. But to us, ZIZZO is more than a watch. It’s a part of our expression of identity, a statement to the world that we care about quality, reliability, and style.


Our DNA lives in our name. Switzerland is known globally as the mother of the watch industry and for its exquisite standards of watch craftsmanship and quality. Brands such as Tissot, Rolex Breitling, and Omega were all born in this country.

But what we wanted to do differently was create a timepiece that is accessible to everyone. Swiss Quality does not have to cost $1,000s of dollars, and we are here to prove it.


to innovative entrepreneurs and mindful Yogis alike, our community has an adoration for quality and reliability paired with timeless aesthetics in common.

Our community represents our core values in their approach to life, which goes far beyond our products. Our timepieces are more than telling-time. They are a sentiment to unique unification – a symbol of belonging. Let us inspire you.


We lovingly call our community – the people who inspire us through their stories and shape who we innovate for – #MYZIZZOWATCH. 

These are the people who live what we believe in: A life full of passion, ambition, and adventure.

Become a part of our community and share your ZIZZO moments with us using the hashtag #MYZIZZOWATCH. You might be the next story featured on our website or social media.

Find inspiration and a chance to be featured with #MYZIZZOWATCH.

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